About: Pricing

Pricing is always difficult because with graphic design and illustration, we’re often talking apples, oranges, tofu, and an airplane. What I mean by that is, each project is unique. Typically I like to find out about your project and put together a projected budget. However, here are some standard price ranges that I offer for independent authors and very small/startup businesses. For larger organizations these prices are likely to be higher because there are more meetings, more design revisions and iterations, more strategic and competitive analysis, and multiple concepts.

Each pricing scale is an estimate and some projects could go beyond the range if there are detailed illustration requirements, if we’re designing the visual branding for an entire series of books/suite of materials, if you’re interested in licensing some of my artwork for use (or that of another artist), or if we first need to establish some of your marketing and branding strategy. Typically a project begins with an initial consultation and an agreement on the price. For smaller projects, I usually take 50% up front, and 50% when the project is finished. We can break that down further for larger projects.

Edits: All projects include reasonable edits and design changes. What’s reasonable? That depends. For a $250 cover, that might be 2-3 revisions. For a $500 cover, that might be 4-6 rounds.

My design style tends to use imagery that is intense, dark, mythic, and evocative, however, I can do clean and corporate as well. Generally people hire me when they need intense visuals that will draw people into the luscious vividness and create a window into their world, whether that’s a fantasy book cover or a nonfiction book on personal growth.

Package Deals:
Any time I’m doing design work for you, we can package several services together for a significant savings. If I’m designing your book cover, I can also design a matching postcard and Facebook graphic, or whatever suite of materials you need. Also, if you’re interested in having me design things that I haven’t offered here, just message me at ShaunaAura (at) gmail (dot) com and we can talk about what you need.

CoverLeaderWithinBook Cover Designs, Magazine Covers, CD Covers: $100-$500
Depending on the complexity of what you need, your cover may only take a few hours of work. Or, we might begin with a detailed competitive analysis and several visual concepts which then require multiple iterations and hours of digital artwork, ending in eBook and print-ready files. $250 is a typical price, but we can work together to find something that works for your budget. We can also add in adapting your cover for Dropcards or Audiobooks. Check out some of my cover designs here.

ButterflyBottle_GrungeFrame9Licensing my Artwork: $15-$1,000
If you want to license some of my existing digital illustrations, that might be in the $15-$100 range. If you’re looking to license some of my paintings, that will vary by piece from $100-$1,000. If you’d like me to paint a custom piece for something like a book cover, that will require a quote as it will depend a great deal upon the complexity and the style. I have two primary painting styles, my watercolor fantasy illustrations, and my mythic mixed media pieces.

Four Elements: Shield of EarthIllustrations and Infographics $50-$500
I can create a digital illustration of a Tarot spread from a scene in your book, or create an informational graphic to explain a complicated concept in your nonfiction book. Let me know what you have in mind. Here are some of the different interior illustrations I’ve done.

TransUnionDisputeOverallGraphic9I can also create informational graphics to illustrate complicated concepts in an elegant way. Remember that people skim documents, and one of the best ways to represent financial data or a complicated process is through an illustration. In fact–one of the strongest ways to improve your organization’s efficiency is through understanding and being able to visually represent your processes. One thing I’ve done for past clients is to go on site and observe an organization’s processes to be able to visually represent them to stakeholders and then capture them in a visual document to use either internally or externally. Here are some examples of informational graphics that I have designed.



T-Shirt and Tote Bag Designs $50-$500
There’s a particular strategy around creating a T-shirt that someone will 1. buy, and 2. actually wear. Typically many people try to put just their logo on a T-shirt, tote bag, coffee mug, or other promotional product, which isn’t usually very engaging. One author I know had a fairly unattractive T-shirt design featuring his (also unattractive) book cover and a saying, and he made his booth assistants wear that shirt all weekend at a convention. They didn’t look happy.

For authors especially there is a challenge to creating a T-shirt or other promotional design that is both visually attractive, but that also upsells their book or other work. With the right design, a book cover or other illustration of your characters, along with a compelling quote or saying, could result in not only T-shirt sales but also advertising for your work every time someone wears that T-shirt. Here are a few T-shirts I’ve designed. and you can check out my full portfolio of designs at Redbubble.

Media Kit/Press Kit: $35
You provide the content, and I’ll lay it out as a printable file (1-3 pages) in an attractive way and give it a little tasteful pizzazz that aligns with your brand. Content you’ll need includes your author photo and bio or business logo and mission statement, book covers, any book blurbs, or any other products or services you’d like to feature. The price will increase if you need help with your copy or help establishing marketing strategy and branding.

Individual Sell Sheets/Documents: $25
You provide the content and I’ll design a printable sell sheet for an individual book, for your artwork, for a product or service. If you’re looking for multiple sell sheets using the same design template we can work out a bulk price. Here are some examples of documents I’ve designed.

FB_Banner_FictionBanners, Headlines, and Web Graphics: $25-$100
If you need a Facebook timeline header that is fairly simple and you understand your brand, this might be $25-$50, blog headers and web site are  going to be more in the $50-$100 range.

Typically it works well to create a suite of images; FB Timeline banner, banners for book blogs, small online ads, or callouts for upcoming events like book signings or workshops you’re teaching. I can also create memes such as an image of your character with a quote from your book, or another image plus evocative quote to drive people to your website. Check out some of the web graphics I’ve done in the past.


EOWBusinessCardBackBusiness Cards: $50-$150
Perhaps you already have a logo and just need a quick business card perhaps with a single book cover on the back. Or perhaps you are just beginning the process of determining your brand strategy. Here are a few of my business card designs.


2008AstrologyTeaser3Postcards and Flyers: $75-$250
These might be some simple 4×6 cards focusing on a single book book, or these might be postcards that you intend to use for direct mail or flyers to send to bookstores that will advertise some of your upcoming speaking engagements. The price depends upon the visual complexity as well as on how much marketing strategy we need to explore, and how much text we’re working with. Often fitting text to a small format like a postcard or flyer requires additional editing and tweaking, which I can help you with. Here are examples of my printed design work.


If you need a trifold this might be in the $150-$250 range. If you are looking for a multi-page brochure with a gatefold or a small booklet, this could be $500-$1,000 or more. Here are examples of my printed design work.




EOW_HealthyPlanet_JulyAdvertising for Print: $50-$500
Design for advertising isn’t so much about the size of the ad; in fact, designing smaller ads can be more time consuming because there’s only so much room. Designing ads includes working with your marketing strategy and your brand, competitive analysis in the form of looking at other ads in the magazine to ensure yours stands out, and ensuring that there isn’t too much text for the ad. I can also help you keep your ad focused and help with creating a strong call to action. We can also discuss ways to help you track the success of your ad via coupon codes or free giveaways. Here are ads I’ve designed.

chicagoreclaiminglogoLogo Design: $50-$500
For a simple author logo this might be as little as $50-$100. If you’re looking to create the logo for a company with multiple design iterations and brand analysis, the cost begins at $150. Here are some logos I’ve designed.

Photo Editing or Hourly Work: $25/hour
If you need a photo cleaned up, an image cropped, or a bunch of images formatted or sized in a specific way, any hourly production work will be $25/hour billed by half hours.

Book Layout: $50-$250
For a novel-length ebook if your file is pretty clean this might be $50, and we can add on formatting for print for another $25. If you require an extensive, complicated book layout with graphics and other design elements, or if there are any file issues, this could be more.

Event Planning and other Consulting
I’m also a professional event planner and I teach public speaking and workshop facilitation. If you’re looking for help planning a bookstore visit or other event, or need help with public speaking, check out my Consulting page.