Star Wars Room Parties

Club Sith

The flash unfortunately ruins the shots, and without flash we just didn’t have the photography skill to show off our spiffy lighting. The room was darkened by using black plastic tarping and we built lit panels and a lit bar. The lighting reflected panels and other instruments in the Emperor’s Throne Room .

Dagobah Swamp

Unfortunately, flash again ruins the shots, but it was the only way to pick up the texture. The walls were largely covered in tarp, along with leaves and fake bugs glued to the walls. Leaves were draped from the central pillar/tree and from various parts of the walls, and furniture was covered in moss-colored tarps to make it look more…swampy. The darker shot with green light gives a better approximation of the mood lighting we effected with green and blue lights.


This was our first attempt at a room party. We don’t have great shots of what it looked like until we were faced with the catastrophe of trying to clean up. When we started, we taped white hotel sheets to the floor with white duct tape…and then we filled the room with white styrofoam peanuts. Sounded like a great idea, right? Not so much. We hung white bridal tulle from the walls to give it that ice cave look, as well as blue mood lighting. We taped up random cables around the room, and made the cheesiest ever Ion Control panel out of tinfoil. My favorite touch was the “keypad” we wired up on the outer door. I took a scifi looking calculator, punched it so it would break and have weird looking characters, and made it look like it was functional.

Fortunately, our intrepid team got better at designing themed parties…and we learned the hard way to decorate in a way that wasn’t insane to clean up. There were crunched up styrofoam peanuts on every floor of the hotel.


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